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About Me

I am a developer, a researcher, a writer, and an editor. After earning my Ph.D. in ancient History from the University of Tennessee, I am now designing and building websites. I'm working primarily with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and React, but have a broad range of interests in programming languages/frameworks, and am always eager to learn new things. I am also passionate about geospatial analysis and machine learning, and have dabbled in Python.

When not working, I enjoy cycling, hiking, Star Trek, British murder mysteries, and pestering adoring my cat.


ASIDP Landing Page

The Automated Scribal Identification Project (ASIDP) is a collaborative Digital Humanities project that uses digital handwriting verification to help historians identify ancient texts in Latin, Greek, and Syriac (a dialect of Aramaic). Working for a client, I have built a landing page for the project, advertising the scope, initial results, publications, as well as a contact form (doesn't work on the static github display). You can check out the source code here.

Pomodoro Clock

For FreeCodeCamp's front-end libraries certification program, I built a series of React Apps, including a Pomodoro Clock. This project, more than any other FreeCodeCamp project, challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and push myself to understand how React works. As a bonus, I'm also always looking for new strategies for time management, so I actually use this as I work! You can check out the source code here.


As a lover of world history, I have always been fascinated by geography. I enjoy browsing both historical and modern maps, and I've currently started to pursue digital mapping as well. I am comfortable working in ArcGIS Desktop, Pro, Online, and QGIS. I have worked on several GIS projects, including digitizing historic maps, updating population records for the World Health Organization, and creating StoryMaps for both educational and recreational purposes.

The Spread of Christianity, c. 30-700 CE

It's common to think of Christianity as a chiefly western religion, but it spread widely across Eurasia and Africa in the first millennium CE. There were kingdoms in the Middle East and Africa, in fact, that adopted Christianity long before the kingdoms of England and northern Europe had done so. As part of a World History course, I created this StoryMap using Knightlab, an open platform provided by Northwestern University.

Offa's Dyke National Trail

In summer of 2017, I hiked the Offa's Dyke National Trail, along the historical border between England and Wales. This trail is named for Offa's Dyke, an eight-century earthen barrier set up to mark the boundaries between the land of king Offa of Mercia and the Welsh to his West. In addition to its historic appeal, this is also a great trail for stunning scenery, wonderful people, and challenging climbs. A great experience for hikers! I made a StoryMap showcasing the hike with ESRI software.